Rudey's Room


“We need to heed the words of Dalai Lama.

Or at least the words of yo mama.”

Michael Franti & Spearhead




Bienvenue! I’m Rudey. I’m a writer and French teacher who lives Chicago with my husband and two daughters.

My driving force comes from my mom, who liked to say: “I gave you roots to guide you and wings so you can fly.”

I’ve built my life around that motto. My aim is to pass on to my daughters what my family secured in me.

I want us to slow down, grow roots, and build a solid foundation. I also want to strengthen our wings and soar.

It’s a balance between holding on and letting go; planning and being.

No, scratch that.

It’s really a blend. It’s a mix of all of the aspects of myself – mom, woman, wife, teacher – blended in a quest to secure roots and develop wings. In my girls, myself, and our family. 

Rudey’s Room is a collection of ideas, missteps, stories, action plans, noticings, and refinements. I write about creating, exploring, growing, parenting, teaching, and styling.

It’s a lot of topics, I know. But they are all a part of me. They are so a part of my identity, that I cannot part with any one of them.

So I aim to integrate them – in mindful and playful ways.

By integrating, I’m simplifying life to spend time on what matters to me, to my family.

This is how I’m stumbling into balance.

I’m not sure what balance means, but I do know that I feel most balanced when I slow down, am present, and blend all of the aspects of myself.

My mission is to build a mindful, loving, healthy, and fun life – with roots and wings.




So with that … the longer version:  Who am I? 

I am an American-born French teacher in Chicago, caught in a warm embrace between two cultures. Days before embarking on my junior-year abroad, an adult co-worker asked me, “Why would you want to live in France?” as if the Looney Tunes’ theme song was blasting from my mouth. I was dumbfounded.

Live in another country? Quelle chance! My love affair with the French language started at bonjour. At 20, I wanted to buy a one-way ticket to Paris and ditch my U.S. passport.

I am a wife and mommy now, but I still itch for ways to get more stamps on my passport.

I’m a word junkie. Cards to my mom turned into locked journals. Reminder notes on my hands culminated in print journalism and French degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Even today, my hands are speckled with ink from my colored pens.

At my roots, I love to share and connect. Discussing life (travel, growth, teaching, style, words) revitalizes me. I prefer to delve deep and to the heart of the matter … so if I jump right in, that’s just me being me.

I draw inspiration from many sources – my mom, the Dalai Lama and from what I learned in Kindergarten: Live a balanced life – learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.

There isn’t simply a “happiness-now” button, so I use my roots and wings to drive action. My hope is that Rudey’s Room inspires action in the roles of your lives.

My caveat: I am not an expert, a guru or a preacher. We’re connected, sharing an innate oneness, but our brains, well … we each have our own. If I sound like a perfectionist or a poser, I misfired. My intention is to write from a mindful place of authenticity. I don’t want to give the faux impression that I have it all figured out. I don’t, and I won’t. But I like to pursue and apply simple steps to guide my life to be connected, present, have fun, and to make an impact in the lives around me.

Thank you for stopping by.

Here’s to peace, love, and happiness.

It’s not just the business of hippies.



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  2. Lisa

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