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November Inspiration: Do One Thing at a Time


The entry I read from The Book of Awakening this morning was spot on for me.

It is for November 1st and is titled the Next Moment of Love. 

The author, Mark Nepo, writes about how often we have a desire to do it all and to be it all. He shares that although this may come from a spot of good intention, it too often becomes frenzied or gets carried away.

He says, “I have done this may times: not wanting to say no, not wanting to miss an opportunity, not wanting to be seen as less than totally compassionate. But wherever I cannot bring my entire being, I am not there. It is like offering to bring too many cups of coffee through a crowd. I always spill something hot on some innocent along the way.

He continues,”Do one thing at a time and do it entirely, and it will lead you to the next moment of love.”

In other words, be where your butt is.

I read this entry before I woke the girls this morning and it helped set the tone for my day. Instead of feeling frazzled to do more than one thing at a time, I felt focused to really do that one thing and then the next.

As I readied the girls for the their school day, my mind stayed with them – in each moment – instead of drifting to the next moment.

At the gym, I stayed centered on my yoga practice – only looking at the clock twice. Lastly, I was able to ground myself at my computer for four hours to complete the first chapter (draft) of my middle-grade novel.

Today’s excerpt really spoke to me and I thought I would share in case you also need this reminder.



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