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Our Neighborhood Pumpkin Carving Party SNAFU

I’m really digging the neighborhood community where we moved.

The doorbell rings and the girls run outside to ride their bikes up and down the cul-de-sac with the girls on our street. Our neighbors invite us over for a campfire and drinks while our kids circle the house and play Headless Horseman and Ghosts and the Graveyard for hours.

It’s a fun, welcoming community.

So, I was excited when I heard our next door neighbors have an annual Halloween Party. This year was the 25th one – they’ve been throwing it since their kids were little goblins.

The neighbors’ tradition is to cook a spaghetti dinner for everyone. Pat, the wife, said they made 135 meatballs this year.

Due to Ronny’s food allergies, we decided to make an app and a dessert that we knew she could eat.

Franken Guac

Here’s the recipe we used.


Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins


Here’s the recipe we used.

I also toted along a sixer of Mad Hatter IPA – it seemed like a fitting beer for a Halloween party.


Here the girls pose in the neighbor’s driveway.


Although I didn’t make it for this party, I thought I would share my favorite Halloween dinner. It’s linked here. I think these stuffed Jack-O’-Lanterns are adorable. This recipe is vegan, but you can certainly add some ground beef or other meat if you’d like.

Pumpkins Carving 

The focal point of the party was pumpkin carving. Wes and Pat asked partygoers to bring pumpkins to carve. They supplied the carving tools, the images to create, the slop bowls, the clean up supplies, etc.


After eating, Pat lit all of the pumpkins and turned off the lights in the garage for a walk-about viewing.


There were so many cool creations.

Here are a few …

This is Ronny’s.


This is Stephen and Stella’s.


Stephen and Stella set out to carve a warlock with a caldron, but when the lights turned off, well … the fire in the pot didn’t go exactly as he had planned.

It was in the dark that we noticed it looked more like an unintentional demon dong. Oh my! I wonder if the neighbors noticed – teehee.

We cried laughing when we got home that night.

I hope they’ll invite us back next year 🙂



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