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My 10 Favorite Natural Remedies



I was working on an intro and I got stumped. I love to work up a creative entrance and throw in a related quote, but my brain is crumbly. The reality is it’s almost the end of the school year –  6 more days! – and I don’t have much juice in the tank. Normally I would just hold off until I do, but I also feel the need to post and share my natural remedies with you. So here goes … 


My 10 Favorite Natural Remedies

  1. Herbal Tea. My favorite brand is Yogi. I like the Bedtime and Egyptian Licorice. Veronica’s fav is the Comforting Chamomile. When I drink the Bedtime, I fall asleep  easily and feel much more chill the next day.


  1. Mineral Bath Salts. I am a fan of the brand Valentina’s Naturals. I’ve experimented over the years and landed on this 2.5 once packet. I smell like a “hippie” afterward and I like it! The sacred incense is incredible. It’s a blend of frankincense, myrrh and patchouli. I’m soaking with the Three Kings, right? The girls know that I like a good soak after they go to bed and it’s wearing off on them. Every time we make our way through Whole Foods, Veronica begs for another bath bomb or some salts. How can I say no? The apple doesn’t fall too far, so it seems. Here’s a link to my bath detox.


  1. Neti Pot with saline. I use mine almost daily and it’s kept my sinus issues/infections at bay like nothing else. My cousin’s wife recommended it to me over a decade ago and I never looked back. Before I started rinsing with salt, I took antibiotics at least twice a year for sinus infections. Since I started the Neti pot, I’ve had one sinus infection. I figure that’s saved my body from 20 rounds of antibiotics. 


  1. Acupuncture. I’ve done acupuncture for 7 years approximately once a month. This practice transformed my wellbeing. I was on the path to wholeness, but meeting my acupuncturist, Natalia, took me where I needed to be. See my story here.


  1. Wellness Herbs. I give Veronica and Stella the Wellness Herbal Kids a few times a week from Source Naturals. I started this formula when Veronica couldn’t shake strep at age five. She’d had strep five times in five months and we’d met with docs to remove her tonsils. I decided to try an alternative route with some wellness herbs and it worked. I have others herbs I love, of course. I like straight Tumeric and Echinacea/Goldenseal too. My go-to daily vitamin is the NewChapter every woman’s One Daily multivitamin.


  1. Aromatherapy. My smell is lavender, so I go with that. I also really love Peace & Harmony by NOW essential oils. I spray it frequently in my bedroom.


  1. Lemon water. My husband and I both love to start each day with a glass of water and cut up lemons. I know there are a bunch of links I could add with benefits, but all I can say is damn, you will feel really good starting your day off like this.


  1. Chest Rub. I grew up on Vicks and it cured many a sore throat. Rub it on your chest and feet and the next day, no problem. These days at our house I rub on Maty’s when Veronica gets a cough or Stella gets a tickle in her throat.


  1. Zen music.  In my family, music is everything. My girls fall to sleep every night to Putumayo’s Dreamland. It’s been our off to la la land for over 10 years.


  1. Breathe. Just breathe. Such a hard one, non?  I have to tell myself to “slow down” constantly, which is why this breathing exercise helps.




P.S. That’s Stella in in the picture. She’s on the Nature Boardwalk at the Lincoln Park Zoo with the city in the background. Photo credit goes to Stephen.


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