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This Laundry Hack Will Save Your T-Shirts


A couple years ago, my younger sister shared a laundry tip with me that was quite an ah ha.

Or maybe it was more of a so that’s what I’ve been missing

Either way, in my brain, she became a laundry boss.

Have you ever wondered why your cotton t-shirts seem to birth a cluster of little holes? Do you swear your closet is full of moths, but never see the little buggers? 

Well, you don’t need to invest in a cedar closet. You simply need to take an extra step after you check your pants and hoodies for change.

Zippy zippy.

Zip your zippers.

That’s right, zip ’em.

It’s an added step, I know. Trust me, though, your t-shirts will stop looking like they live with moths and if they could thank you, they would.

If you leave your zippers down, it leaves room for them to have a party on your unsuspecting cottons.

The zippers have had their share of wins. It’s time for the underdog. 

That’s my lesson this week: Zip your flies, guys and gals.

Remember the Button Your Fly as campaign from the ’90s? (Check this video below if this either dates me or you forgot. The guy with the sweet hair has a fanny pack. Now that’s a man who knows how to TCB).





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