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Date Idea: Get a Numerology Read Together

“Stick with your gut. That’s a life lesson I’ve learned.”

– Veronica, age 8 to Stella, age 5


Last Sunday, my husband and I had a 90-minute couples numerology read.

It was a little treat from me to us to start off 2016.

Have you dabbled in numerology?

I’ve looked up my numbers, read my horoscope – of course, but I’ve never had a full read by a healer.

This past fall, my student teacher introduced me to the site Teledipity. My profile was so accurate that it piqued my curiosity in numerology and prompted me to make the appointment at the Ruby Room in Wicker Park.

From what I understand, numerology is derived from the numeric vibrations of combinations your full birth name and birth date (month, day, and year). These numbers are used to reveal your personal qualities – character traits, natural talents, stressors, obstacles, and in part, your soul’s underlying purpose.

I chose the Ruby Room because of Phil, one of the salon’s resident healers. He’s a 30 + year expert and I’d heard his reads were like no other.

Before the session I accepted the calming tea that the receptionist offered as we waited. My aim was to ground my mind so Phil could read more of my numbers and less of my wirey energy.

Relax girl, you got this. Just be you and let him lead.

Phil outlined Stephen’s numbers first and his read was spot on.

It was wild – cosmic, really – to hear a stranger unfold so much about him when all Phil knew was Stephen’s full birth name and birthdate.

Toward the end of Stephen’s read, Phil asked him: “Did anything significant happen to you in 1999?”

We both laughed out loud and I said, “aaaah yeeeah, we met.”

Phil clapped his hands together and then apart. “Wow. Well, that was the first time your soul was checking in.”

He continued as my eyes’ widened intensely: “To see if you were on the right path.”


Mind blown.

Just to hear those words made the $175 read worth every penny.

The year 1999 was significant for both of us. My husband had left a stagnant job and started on the path which is his current career of marketing and communications. I quit my job as a copywriter at a newspaper in my hometown and packed up for the summer to be a rope’s course instructor at a children’s camp in Colorado before starting my master’s program at the University of Wisconsin.

Then we met and the stars aligned.

Instead of school, I deferred my enrollment and decided to join my then love-interest on a marketing adventure – driving the Hershey Kissmobile – across the United States for five months.

It was a life-changing ride. We were in love and we were free.

Yes, 1999 was a significant year for us.

When asked if he had any questions after his read, my husband asked: “Why is this is so poignant? Right now?”

Phil responded: “You’re leaving a year of change and you are ready to hear what I’m telling you.”

He revealed to us our personal year number, which means what year we are in a cycle of 1 to 9.

For me, 2016 is an eight. This stands for a year of big decisions and taking advantage of opportunities.

Then he combined our numbers together 8 + 6 and broke it down into a single digit. Together we equaled a five, which signifies major changes to our life, careers, our family situation, and our residence.

He said, “This is a year for change.”

Time will tell what that all means.

Phil revealed things he couldn’t possibly know about two strangers.

So much of what Phil said to me, I know about myself. Some of his words I’d been willing to admit; other aspects things I’ve poopooed or shied away from in my life.

It was as off he knew the thoughts in my brain and laid them out in front of me.

Numerous times he marched his fingers one in front of the other across the table and said: “One thing at a time. You have the capacity to get it all done. But one thing at a time.”

The session was beautifully validating and inspiring – a personal pas de deux, if you will.

I wish I could have recorded the session with Phil, but it would have been a little intense if I’d have set my phone on the table to capture all of his words.

At the core: My birthdate number is 13/4; my full birth name is a 77, but broken down it is a 14/3.

In a snapshot: Below is a small, yet pointed amount that Phil told me:

  • Everyone doesn’t know what you know. You need to break down what you know/learn and share your thoughts/ideas in simple ways and without fear.
  • Get out of your own way.
  • Accept yourself. Stop beating yourself up. There’s no other you. Just be you.
  • Outsmart, don’t outfight. You are not selfish if you are asserting your feelings and ideas.
  • You are here on Earth to make an impact.
  • You are a leader and a humanitarian.
  • Smile more. Without your smile, you can come across as intimidating.

So if you see me smiling more in 2016 – hey, I’m trying to heed the wise words of Phil.

If you want to add up your own numbers, a simple start is here, using your full name at birth and your birthday (month, day, and year). But if you want a deeper analysis and you want to make a stop in Chicago, I highly recommend Phil.

He’s a former professional football player – with the Bears and New England. From the get go, he told us that he spent seven years trying to disprove Numerology – he got a degree in finance from Northwestern, but couldn’t, so he accepted it.

Phil was much more than a man rereading our number charts to us. He was insightful and I walked away with a renewed sense of purpose and a feeling that I am on the “right” path, which is to say, the path for me.

What I read this week on my read from Teledipity clinched what he said to me: “It is finally time to leave the analysis behind and convert your newly found insights into action. You understand what isn’t working. You know what you need in your life. You don’t need to analyze it any longer. You don’t need to wait a few more months. You need to get started now.”

This past week, I’ve felt clear and intentional, as I took to heart the lessons and patterns Phil revealed in my numbers.

Are you into numerology? Have you had a read or is there site you like? Please share in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.



4 Responses to “Date Idea: Get a Numerology Read Together”

  1. brynnharrington

    I loved this piece and promptly checked out my Teledipity profile (which was shockingly accurate) and then my husband’s (which was sadly not as accurate). I love this stuff because it gives you a new framework to use to think about your life — whether it’s totally legit or 100% witchcraft, it doesn’t matter. It can help you see yourself, your life and your choices in a whole new light. I had my numbers read by some guy in LA about five years ago, and he sent me a 90-minute CASSETTE tape with the reading on it. I remember listening to it in the dark in my car (only place with a tape player); I still have it and have gone back to it. Cool that you and S did this together! XO

    • Rudey's Room

      Cassette tape, amazing! It was fun to have a read together – bonding. I also think you can pull what you want and if it guides you forward in a positive, healthy direction, so much the better. For me, the read was inspiring.


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