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I Had a Deal of a Day in France and Italy

I Love Sale


I sure do love les soldes.

I grew up in a household that talked a lot about deals (thanks dad!). I get a thrill waiting for one, spotting one, angling for one, and finally getting one.

Thus, on my recent trip to Europe, I was geeked for the July sales.

My year-long shopping hiatus was fini and I had money burning in my pockets.

Although I could have used a few more hours to dive into full-on shopping mode on the rue de Rennes and in the Marais neighborhood, I took inventory before leaving the US of A and was quick to find my favorite shops on the march.

I snagged a stylish scarf from a street vendor in Florence that I wore the next day in Nice, France.


Nice, France

Nice, France


I snuck into my newish go-to store while my students were across the street savoring the macarons from Pierre Hermé.




I fell for la mode at Comptoir des Cotonniers in 2012 and am begging for more each time I return to France.

It’s a little pricier, but the pieces are statement, of quality, and when on sale … watch out. My mom’s friend would be happy to know that stopped by on Bastille Day (aka Best Deal Day).  I bought a reversible skirt and stepped out outside my standard style and snagged a dress of my mom’s liking (black and blue with bits of leather – I’m thinking Anniversary dinner!).

Kookaï was my favorite store in high school. It’s where our French exchange students bought their gingham oxfords and introduced us to our inner French girls.




I bought a fun pair of high-heel sandals at Minelli, but I also like the shoes here:




J’aime les soldes.




As tempted as I was with the 7-euro price tag, I resisted this gem I found at Mango …




In the end, my favorite purchases were not on sale.

I acquired two bracelets – one in Vatican City and one in Nice – that I quite love and haven’t taken off since purchase. The black bracelet is in French – une belle vie – and translates to a beautiful life.




P.S. I’ll share some pics of the adventures soon. I’m sinking into summer break with my girls, so it may not be quick. Hope you are enjoying summer!




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