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It's Not Bastille Day. It's Best Deal Day

I’m at t-minus two weeks to the end of the school year.

This equals summer break for me, but it also means 14 days until my year-long clothes shopping ban is over.

It’s OVER.

I can shop for clothes again.

I kind of can’t believe I made it.

It may not seem like a big deal, whatever, it’s clothes.

But, for me … it is!

I knew I liked la mode and changing it up – French teacher blah de blah blah. But this year I was reminded that I really love clothes.

There were numerous times where I questioned, why on Earth did I make this promise to myself?  

I’ve come _ close to breaking my hiatus multiple times in the last few weeks. I’ve made it. This is good enough, I rationalized. The weather is turning, I could use a new dress. 

But non! I dove back into my closet and reminded myself of why I started the ban in first place. (Admittedly, last weekend, my sister gave me my birthday present a month early. Sneaky, lovely, knowing-my-needs sissy!)

I’ve learned more about shopping my closet and created both a seasonal list and a wish list.

I’ll post about my experience soon, but man, I’m eager for June 19th.

I want to go nuts, so It’ll take restraint to stick to my lists this summer.

And shop I will.

In France and Italy.

In July, the Italian teacher at my school and I are taking a handful of our middle school students on a 10-day trip to France and Italy.

It’s special to share and witness “live” education as they lay their eyes on the Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower, and the Mediterranean Sea for the first time. I eat up the moment when they realize they are stepping on layers of history. Their language skills not only blossom, but take on new meaning.

I’m in it for that and this year three other factors entice me:

1.We’ll be in Paris on July 14th and get to celebrate France’s National holiday, Bastille Day.

2. Our moms are joining us.

3. It’s time for les Soldes! We’ll be in both countries in the middle of the six-week period of Sales!




In France and Italy sales are placed roughly six months apart – in January and July. The summer sales begin in late June and last until the inventory is gone, which is roughly early August. The discounts are considerable – usually 30-50% and as high as 70% as the sale period nears the end. Every store drops their prices and the bargains are everywhere. It’s major clearance.

We arrive July 7th, so this T.J. girl is over the moon at the shopping opportunity. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to shop, but I’m efficient.

Recently, my mom was on a walk with one of her besties. She was telling her all about the trip and how both of us have been saving money to shop in France and Italy. She went on to say that she’s been shopping her closet and told her friend about my shopping hiatus.

She explained how going to France and Italy in July is unique because of the outstanding bargains.

My mom continued saying, “Rudey’s especially excited because we’ll be in Paris on Bastille Day.”

My mom shifted the conversation, but her friend thought she was still on clothes and said, “Best Deal Day? You’re going to be there for Best Deal Day?”

She touched my mom on the arm, “Seriously? That is really something. I’ve NEVER heard of a Best Deal Day.”

They walked a minute. Her friend repeated, though barely audible, “Best Deal Day. Wow.”

“Yeah, Bastille Day,” my mom said. “It’ll be really cool to be in Paris. Fireworks over the Eiffel Tower.”

She glanced at her friend and recognized how visibly confused she seemed. It was then that she caught on to the language nuance.

“Best Deal Day?” my mom wondered, stopping on the mid-trail and nearly peeing in her pants.

“It’s not BEST Deal Day. It’s Bastille Day,” she giggled as she stretched the language a little differently, “you know, the French National holiday?”

“Oh right,” her friend responded. “Duh,” she recovered herself. “I thought you said Best Deal Day, and I thought, wow, it’s quite a country that has Best Deal Day.”

They laughed until they had tears.

The next day at work, my mom presented her friend with this:


I couldn’t resist sharing it.

It may not be the Best Deal Day, but these are some good deal days and there’ll be some best deals had by my mom and I.

I’m packing an extra duffel bag for my “souvenirs.”

I’ve been waiting all year.

Vive les Soldes!



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