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Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Vaishali, founder of The Champa Tree, recently nominated Rudey’s Room for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Likening a chain letter, the award is passed from blogger to blogger to recognize the writers who motivate them. It’s a shout-out to bloggers who aim to create beautiful – authentic, happy, kind, well – spaces.

It warms my heart that she wanted to share my site with her readers. Thank you – merci mille fois! – for honoring Rudey’s Room.
Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Here are the Award Guidelines:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
  • Display the award in a blog entry.
  • List the award guidelines so your nominees will know what to do.
  • State 7 hidden facts about yourself.
  • Nominate other bloggers for the award.

Seven Hidden Facts about Rudey

  1. I sleep with this mask. I actually have a spare, tucked on the shelf behind the bed. I like it pitch black when I sleep, so when I can’t find my masks, I feel panicky. Believe it or not, sometimes I misplace both. That’s when I sleep with a t-shirt over my eyes.
  2. I listen to South American music, especially Bossa Nova-esque sounds of Brazil and Argentina. It’s honey to me. A few of my favorite artists are Federico Aubele, Astrud Gilberto, and Vinicius Cantuária. Aubele’s Panamericana is my current go-to album. My cousin’s wife (then girlfriend) opened this world to me in our dorms freshman year of college with “The Girl from Ipanema.”
  3. My favorite concert was Jamiroquai at the Arena of Nîmes in Nîmes, France in July 2005. It was a magical night – an incredible venue with my best guy and some of our favorite sounds. It was extra special because my husband and I missed our first opportunities to see the band. In college (though we had yet to meet) we were both huge fans of the Jamiroquai. Separately, we had a chance to hear them in concert in 1997 and chose other plans. We regretted it – often saying, “Man, we should have seen Jamiroquai when we had the chance.” When we found out they were playing at the same time we were in France, we jumped on this second chance.
  4. I’m a T.J. girl and have been since 6th grade. I remember my first purchase there – an apricot-colored colored shirt with safari animals and a knee-length tan skirt.
  5. I love wine going down, but the aftermath leaves me in such an anxious state that I no longer drink it. I was once gifted a glass that says Chardonnay Diva and my husband and I joke that if I ever drink wine again it should be in that glass as a Scarlet Letter reminder. I do enjoy an occasional glass of Champagne. I’m a French teacher, afterall.
  6. I dream of creating craft room. I enjoy sewing, embroidery, knitting, and all kinds of crafts. I would like to carve out more time to indulge in this.
  7. I heart offbeat, spontaneous enthusiasm. For example, I turned on the song “J’ai une Grande Famille” in my classroom last week and one of my Kindergarteners lit up and said, “That’s my jam!”

I Nominate Four Sites:

  1. Brynn from Wellfesto.
  2. Galit from These Little Waves.
  3. Liz from Say Yes.
  4. Rebecca from Simple As That.

Thanks for reading my pieces on Rudey’s Room.




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