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"You Are Special Today" Tradition


Every March, we celebrate what we’ve coined the “birthday trifecta.” This is the day when we gather both sides of our family to fête Stella, Veronica, and Stephen’s birthdays.

Their b-days are clustered at the end of February and early March, thus the logic behind the three-fer family party – usually in Wisconsin (our home state).




It’s on days like this that we pull out The Red Plate.

Birthdays are red-plate worthy.

As are Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

There was a one-off work celebration.

This is where we are at now with the plate, but I’m sure we’ll add on soon enough. First Communions, soccer match wins, graduations, personal goals met, promotions, engagements  … the possibilities are on the horizon.

My husband grew up with this tradition, so he knows.

We received the plate as a wedding gift and we’re rooting it in our family’s story.


You Are Special Today

V’s Eighth b-day in bed


It’s so simple, but such a treat. It’s special. The girls anticipate the Red Plate.

Do you have the “You Are Special Today” plate?

A unique idea would be to design your own at a pottery painting studio. Get your kids involved or do it BYOB with friends.



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