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How to Have a "YES Day"


I planted ideas leading up to the day.

“So, if on ‘YES Day,’ you ask for ice cream for breakfast, what would I have to say?”

“Yes,” my oldest responded.

“If on ‘YES Day,’ you want to swim all day at the pool, what would I say?”

Yes, mom. You’d say, Yes,” she tired after the third inquiry.

The night before her YES Day, Stella tested the waters, brainstorming: “Can I read 100 books? Yes! … 1000 books? Can I curl your eyelashes? Can I have candy and ice cream?”

Yes … Yes … Yes! 

YES Day!

What is a YES Day, you ask?

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s an entire day when I say YES to the girls!

That’s right. YES!

Say what?

Have you gone batshit crazy Rudey?

I’ll start this YES Day explanation with an easy, “Yes, indeed, I have!”

It’s the end of summer break, haven’t you?

So, going with the madness, I started a YES Day this summer with my girls.

YES Day, is inspired by Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s fabulous book Yes Day.  If you haven’t read it, it’s a cute read:


Basically, the book is about how the mother says “Yes” to ALL of the boy’s requests on YES Day.

Kids hear, No, no, no, often from parents, so this is the day where the parents say “Yes!” to everything.


Uh huh, yeah … everything!

I admit I was uneasy about letting the girls control the entire day. I pictured a diet consisting of gummy worms and chocolate ice cream, driving to Six Flags to buy ten pounds of jelly bellies and toss endless bags in an impossible attempt to win a giant stuffed bear … Heaven help me!

So, unable to release full control, I set two rules:

  • $30 max spending. I was envisioning a Six Flags Great America request.
  • A Safety Veto. I can say no to anything unsafe – deemed by me.

Then I let Veronica choose her YES Day. In early June, I opened the calendar to the summer months and let her pick her day.

Stella, on the other hard, was surprised with the day. I chose her day, and gave her a day heads up. At four years old, she’s too young to think ahead on the when of YES Day.

Surprisingly, the requests were not outrageous.

Here are a few things that we did on our YES Days:

Can I have another scoop? Yes!

Two? Yes!




Can you sit with me? (Read: Instead of me tidying the kitchen). Yes!

Can I have a bubble bath (mid-day)? Yes!




Can I get pumps? Yes!  We went to six locations, called on her cousin for fashion advise, and finally found the chosen pumps at Kohl’s.

Can I get Elsa’s high heels? Yes! Thankfully those were in the toy aisle at Target. You know there’s a run on all things Frozen. 




Can we get a limo next time we go to the airport?

This was the question my oldest asked in the car after I heard: Ooooh. I turned my head and noticed the stretched car. Veronica, stated the aforementioned, and I wondered, Shit, do I have to say yes? I passed the buck: “That’s daddy’s deal. Ask him, k? Her easy response was, “He does know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy.”

That’s my girl!

And it continued all day.

Can I sit in the front seat? Nope. Safety first, right? But in you can sit up front when we are parked in the driveway.

Can I watch Jesse on the iPad while eating Oreo cookies (breakfast?) AT THE SAME TIME?




If I couldn’t say YES for whatever reason, I either re-framed the question or figured it out for the future … such as Stella’s playdate with her bestie. She couldn’t play on YES Day, but it worked out the next day.

It was in that moment I realized I’d assumed YES Day was merely about gratification.  My Ah-ha reminded me: This is her power. This day is a reminder of her power to ask for what she wants, what she needs. If you ask, you may receive. The answer may be no, but there is so much power in asking.

YES Day! It’s the day when YES is the word, which is a treat from reasoning the YES and the NO all day.

It’s a hug we all need.

And truly, you get the best hugs – bear-hug tight – on YES Day.

The last question of the day is easy. It’s the same as in the book: Does this day have to end?


But see ya next year!!

And if you’re wondering if you can say YES to a drinkski at the end of this YES Day (for yourself, of course), well, you have my hell to the YES!

Have you ever tried a YES Day? At home? At school? What was it like for you to say YES all day? I’d love to hear from you in the comments’ section.

P.S. Amy Krouse Rosenthal is a solid author. Check out Duck! Rabbit!, Spoon, or Little Pea. 



7 Responses to “How to Have a "YES Day"”

  1. Cate

    Love this idea. With the 3 kids (2 bring 14) I can only imagine the requests. I’m going to try it out with Joey Thursday. No doubt a trip to Hooters will be involved.

  2. thisgratefulmama

    I like the parameters you set because I’ve skipped doing a YES day because frankly, it SCARES ME! The parameters aren’t too strict but allow some limits and I like that. I might finally try it 🙂


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