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The Best Pretzels in Chicago


“Productivity is important but how can I be productive if I have this one little thing in my brain? That I cannot get out. And that one little thing is a soft pretzel. So I’m just going to have my soft pretzel, then I’ll get to work, and I’ll be super productive. Look out for me.”

-Michael Scott, The Office


This buzz feed quiz should have a pretzel as an option, because I’m definitely a pretzel (and a beer).

I’m a pretzel-loving gal.

In Chicago – especially in Logan Square – pretzels are everywhere.

I, for one, am grateful for the pretzel invasion.

If you’re in Chicago, these pretzels are not to be missed.

  • The Radler – This venue is Logan Square’s first Bavarian beer hall, complete with exposed-brick walls and a trio of stunning grandfather clocks. The dining room is airy with large windows opening onto Milwaukee Avenue. Head there for a Radler and a pretzel, as you explore the authentic German menu. This pretzel is accompanied with barley-malt butter, blackberry jam, and three samplings of mustards. My youngest devoured the first, so we ordered a second.
  • Table, Donkey and Stick – Snag a table on the back patio and promptly order a pretzel. This pretzel’s arms are thin and crispy with a softer middle section. It’s served with a cauliflower and Gruyère fondue that’s deliciously cheesy. The entire menu is inspired by the Alps’ cuisine, so throw a log on the fire pit as you savor this pretzel.
  • Revolution Brewery The soft pretzel at this Logan Square brewpub comes with beer cheese and grainy mustard. Need I say more? Take a couple to go with a growler of Coup d’Etat and it’s a win-win.
  • Longman & Eagle – This restaurant is a vegetarian’s heaven. There’s an entire menu – & Vegetarian – devoted to those that are veggie inclined. Whether you want meat or not, start your meal there with a pretzel. This pretzel comes with Welsh Rarebit and is yum yum.

Do you have pretzel gem? I’d love to hear it – Chicago and way beyond.

P.S. We’ve been saying yes to pretzel buns for burgers for a while now, and my hands-down favorite brand is Pretzella. And if you’re in Northern Illinois, say near Great America, stop in at The Shanty. They serve a warmed pretzel roll when you sit down.



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