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Chiberia – Winter Activities to Keep Cabin Fever at Bay

In my tenure with Chicago Public Schools, we’ve closed twice due to weather.

First in 2011, a massive blizzard shut us down for three days.

Today is Day 2 of the second time.

My husband, donning his Han Solo jacket and Sorels, ducked out at five a.m. to catch the el train downtown. Working from home is an option for him, but working from home is a feat with three girls roaming around, getting all up in his business. “Daddy, what are you doing now?”

So, he’s out.

It’s just the girls and I again, for Day 2.

I’m in bliss. The stolen days, hibernating with my daughters are a present.

Staying inside, away from the dangerous wind chill, we’re cozy and safe.

Staying inside, we have no where to go, but where we are. No schedules, just long, lazy hours. Together. Rejuvenating.

Staying inside, we can huddle together, and dive into what is around us.

I’m all for a couple days of brrrrrrrr-too-cold-to-venture-out-weather.

Here’s how we spend our time:

Day 1 …

  • Lingered in bed, clocking an eight a.m. wake time
  • Stayed in our jammies, until Stella decided to go all Miami and sport a bedazzled sequin leotard and bare legs (My mom has stories of me doing the same thing).
  • Stuck in a kids yoga DVD and struck animal poses
  • Sprinted back and forth across the living room floor à la suicides races, while I attempted a Jillian Michael’s kickboxing video
  • Played board games – Uno, Where’s the Sock Monkey?
  • Refereed flare ups (wait … that was just me!)
  • Watched two episodes of the Brady Bunch
  • Built pillow and blanket forts
  • Had a Cleanup Campaign, belting out the Frozen soundtrack
  • Learned to make origami rabbits, heart boxes and dogs
  • Chatted about why it’s important to stop flicking your sister, and knocking her on the head. 
  • Called it quits at 5 p.m. after the second day off of school was announced
  • Turned on Littlest Pet Shop. The girls watched and I poured myself a mug of mommy juice (a.k.a. Lagunitas IPA)

Day 2, we plan to …

  • Linger in bed some more
  • Stay in our jammies again
  • Make pancakes and green juice
  • Set up Barbieland (my girls love a good set up with their dollies)
  • Play board games again – this time, Jenga
  • Snuggle during a movie and popcorn
  • Experiment with melting ice and boiling water
  • Antagonize less. Maybe I should start reading up on curbing sibling rivalry, just in case … or maybe I should just chalk it up to 18 days of winter break. I think we’re ready to get back to routines.

If the Arctic blast is keeping you in, what are you doing to battle cabin fever?



4 Responses to “Chiberia – Winter Activities to Keep Cabin Fever at Bay”

  1. jill

    We have kept james home with us. I am currently listening to him and grandma Jeanine make veggies out of play doh and watching my 12 day old baby sleep. Pretty close to perfect 🙂


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