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Five Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

THE EDGE, there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.

-Hunter S. Thompson


Calling a girl “crazy” is the ultimate blow, joining ranks with the b# and the c#.

It’s a weapon used to dismiss undesirable feelings, invoke self-doubt, and chip away at the authentic self.

No doubt, I’ve acted “crazy” (read: had an emotional, perhaps, circular moment). But rubbing my face in it by throwing down the crazy card is ill-advised. It’s like throwing gasoline on a fire – this means war!

Crazy. It’s a loaded word.

Crazy good. Crazy bad. Clinically crazy. Crazy wild.

Which one is it?

I’m standing with Prince. It’s time to throw out the script, and “If the elevator tries to break you down, go crazy!”

Embrace the crazy. Crazy is refreshing. Even a minor shift in thinking can have a ripple effect on every area of life.

There are no guarantees in life.

So let’s get nuts:

Stay Fresh

Why venture out of your comfort zone when it’s just so comfortable there? Alors, if you’re only drinking Amstel Light, you might not realize how much you really want to drink Lagunitas.

The status quo keeps anxiety and stress at bay, but it’s not optimal all the time. For maximum happiness, it’s important to break out of your box.

Which is why … I’m looking forward to checking out Bonobo at Riviera tonight. With a slight twist from my husband (“This is why we live in Chicago”), I’m in.

My husband saw the same show several months ago, but checking out live music is his routine, his norm. For me, even considering attending is beyond my routine for a Friday night. I’m couch bound. Watching Shrek the Third, while sipping on a couple IPAs is my weekly highlight. Brilliant end to the week. For me.

Spicing things up is also why I signed my husband and I up for a two-hour trapeze lesson. What the what? I’m terribly uncoordinated. For real … I’m a lefty. He hinted at heading to our neighborhood playground for a round on the monkey bars.

My takeaway: Try something new and don’t worry so much about falling down. I will fall down. We all will. Who cares? The conversations we have with kids … try those on for size with yourself. Just do it, we say. It’s better to have tried and failed than to not have tried at all, we quote.

Instead of zoning out, get out of your comfort zone. Get active. Engage the world in that snapshot.

Pump Up the Volume

Sing (and dance) like nobody’s watching you or cares what you’re doing. Most often, they aren’t and they don’t. And if they are, the sparkle you allude draws them in. After all, singing releases the brain’s feel good chemicals. It’s wellbeing. So go to it.

Last weekend, V had a benefit dance for her school. Pulled in by the skyline view, the m.c.’s dope rhymes, and a couple of beers, I did not hesitate when the DJ’s called for parent participation. I beelined for the stage and sang “Don’t Stop Believing” with four other parents. V’s body hugged the stage as she waved her hands in the air and danced proudly, “Yes, that’s my mom.”

Afterward, I felt inspired to let loose on vocals with my husband. Once home, he pulled out his guitar and fed me songs to sing. It was unhinging! Have you ever noticed the shift that music brings?

Have Fun with Food

It’s only a second thought to take a simple meal and jazz it up. Pinterest is the grande dame of domestic ideas. I found the following food crafts there:

Tie movie night into a Fall treat:

Get your hesitant sweet potato kiddo on board:

♥Mashed BOO-tatoes♥

For the grown ups: Star in your own Julie and Julia protect. Grab a cookbook and start working your way through it, analyzing the method along the away. I’m doing this with the original Barefoot Contessa cookbook. Her recipes are like magic for me. In the vein of understanding cooking, I’m turning to her.

Dress Up

Senior year, my roommates and I dressed up as a group – dead beauty queens. My sash said, “Ms. Hanging on by a Tread.” I was dressed in a ’80s Goodwill bathroom and curlers because I never made it to the prom. I stray away from the macabre as my history is debilitating. It’s a story for another time. This time, I jumped on board. It was a riot.

Dressing up gets you outside of yourself, and unleashes the kid in you.

P.S. I could not make this picture any smaller. I’m not techie. And it’s October, so here’s at it … I’m on the left.

Worship the Sun

Tilt your head back and face the beaming sun. Let the glimmer warm you, soaking in the crisp rays of Fall. This is a special call out if you have any hint of SAD and/or live in the Midwest. Catch while catch can in this climate.

When you feel it, stop. Close your eyes. Let the slight nip pass through you, and soak up the sun. You don’t have to be on the beach to do that. It feels amazing! Stopping at the small moments slows down my daily pace. This is key for me as I have a tendancy to move fast.

Kids are naturally inclined to throw their heads back, relishing the moment:


Tag. C’est a toi. Ready or not … here I come …


What’s your brand of crazy? Be bold. Turn toward the fear and unleash the possibilities.

Ciao for now.

2 Responses to “Five Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone”

  1. Shannon

    I especially like Worship the Sun! My daughter has had a picture on her wall as long as I can remember. It reads, “and when they told her she was crazy, she would politely smile and almost never forgot to thank them for the compliment.”
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing me to rudeysroom!


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